Health Success Testimonials

Health Success Testimonials

Our programs make a tremendously positive impact in the lives of our clients’ participating populations. But don’t just take our word for it – the testimonies below display their satisfaction with our work. Their drive to improve and our expertise yielded a great reward: better health!


southland-tubeDale Burgess, a scheduler (at Southland Tube, Inc.)  who works in the office has been feeling ill all week and finally went to see Casey in the clinic yesterday.  She detected some real serious issues and wrote some notes for him to give to the emergency room.  He had another employee take him and they immediately ran some tests and put a heart stint in.  He is resting comfortably this morning in the hospital and will go home today or tomorrow.  The heart specialist said he had a 90% blockage and was within a hair of having a major coronary.   Knowing this guy he would have never gone to the doctor and would have been carried out of here on a 911 call.    We made it easy for him with the clinic.

Tom Claude, Vice President
Human Resources
Southland Tube, Inc.


My husband and I have been to the clinic several times for well visits only. We think that you have been personable and professional while taken time with us to explained the results of our blood test and we have been very satisfied with the clinic. Also, the one who took our blood does an excellent job. – Ginger and Joe Tabor


shane-perryMy name is Shane Perry and I am and employee at CPSI in Mobile Alabama. I was excited to hear that Symbol was opening and Clinic at our campus here in Mobile because this would put healthcare basically just feet away from my office. Knowing that it was time for me to get serious about my health and my regular doctor was not convenient, so this would be a great opportunity to get on track.  Of course I was apprehensive at first but soon came to realize that they were serious about providing medical Help and really made me feel comfortable.

From the first day I walked in the office they were super friendly and upfront with what I needed to work on and made sure I was equipped and educated in accomplishing my goals.  From that point on I was off and running getting my Blood Pressure down and losing weight and they were encouraging me the entire time. I am just at the beginning of this process but without THE Symbol Clinic I would still be heading down the wrong path for my Health Care.

I know that making that first step is the hardest but with the help of the great people at my Symbol Clinic it was made much easier. As we all know it is the people that make the difference and in my experience the staff they have there is Great and they are what make it work as well as it does.  There is Erin McAdams, PA-C way cool and gives you the low down on what you need to do. (Lord knows I needed some truth to get me going in the right direction) and Gina the awesome nurse who always has a good word and makes you feel right at home when you come in for a visit.  Am not sure who to tell this but they need the salaries doubled for the Great job they do representing Symbol and taking care of their patients.

Am going to finish out by saying : Don’t wait if there is a Health condition you are afraid to work on you can come to Symbol and feel confident you will be given all the Help you need. Got to Thank CPSI for bringing the Clinic to us I know it is paying off in healthier, happy employees.


My Success Story

“A 40+ pound weight loss is one thing, but feeling good about yourself every day means much more to me.”

By Stan McSwain – September 2013

My Name is Stan McSwain and I am a Shift Safety Supervisor at the Evonik facility located in Theodore, Alabama. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the positive results I attained under the guidance of the Symbol Health Solutions (SHS) program and my assigned SHS health coach, Kevin Connors.

It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial letter. Some things are worth sharing and this is one. My employer, Evonik, sponsored this wellness program to all site employees at no personal expense for our health benefit!

First of all let me start by saying I was not in the SHS program when they made their presentations back in March. I was only there to assist with room setup for those that had enrolled in the program. SHS President and Chief Executive Officer, Michael G. Molyneux, kindly asked me if I was a participant and I admitted I was not. Michael informed me that it was not too late to sign up and I decided then and there that I would. It was the right decision!

A 40+ pound weight loss is one thing, but feeling good about yourself every day means much more to me. Words of encouragement from my personal health coach Kevin Connors kept me motivated. Kevin knew from my first interview that I was disappointed with myself for gaining unwanted pounds. I had never felt more physically challenged and my medical condition was deteriorating.

The SHS program opened my eyes and motivated me to make several lifestyle changes for a healthier life. My health coach not only gave me inspirational words of encouragement, he educated me how positive changes prevented diseases and increased my chances of living a longer healthier life. He also made it clear that my destiny was in my hands, not his. He made me realize the lifestyle I had adopted was not a healthy choice. I soon came to realize I was eating the wrong foods and drinking the wrong liquids much too often. Heart disease runs in my family on my father’s side and I knew I was treading on thin ice when it came to my health and was traveling the down the wrong path. I was an avid soft drink consumer and consumed several a day. These choices were causing medical conditions I did not want. A change had to take place!


Symbol helped me to make “SMART” decisions

With the persuasion of Symbol, I adopted healthier goals and pursued them. My coach tracked my progress bi-weekly.

I was constantly educated about healthy eating and exercising. Tips were included about when to eat and what size portions to consume. Truly I must say the program has been rewarding to me. I have lost a total of forty two (42!) pounds and the doctor has taken me off my high blood pressure medication. I feel much better when I’m active and my endurance is much longer. I was dedicated to the coaching skills of Kevin Connors because he made sense in his health presentations. I had not been this successful with any other program. Symbol worked for me.


It is with sincere gratitude that I write this testimonial letter. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Symbol Health Solutions program to anyone. Thanks Symbol and Evonik for helping me become a healthier ME! – SM